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Operating Instructions for CarveCorner Table Lamps

Thank you for purchasing a CarveCorner table lamp. Please read these instructions carefully before use to ensure safe and optimal performance. The manual is also available on our website: www.carvecorner.com.

Product Overview

Package Contents

Installation Instructions

Unpacking the Lamp

Carefully remove the lamp from its packaging and place it on a stable, flat surface.

Inspect the lamp and cord for any damage. If damaged, do not use the lamp and contact our support team.

Power Connection

Plug the power cord into a standard 120V AC outlet.

Ensure the cord is not pinched or in contact with hot surfaces.

Bulb Installation

The LED bulb is pre-installed. Ensure it is securely in place by gently tightening if necessary.

If replacement is needed, use a compatible LED bulb. Do not exceed the recommended wattage.

Operating Instructions

Turning the Lamp On/Off

Press the switch located on the power cord or base of the lamp to turn it on.

Press the switch again to turn it off.

Adjusting Lighting Modes

CarveCorner lamps offer three lighting modes:

  • Mode 1: Intensive flame – bright and lively flicker.
  • Mode 2: Moderate flame – soft and soothing flicker.
  • Mode 3: Steady light – stable light without flickering, resembling a steady flame.

To switch between modes, turn the lamp off and on again within 2-5 seconds. Each cycle will advance to the next mode. If more than 2-5 seconds elapse, the lamp will return to the first mode when turned back on.

Safety Instructions

General Recommendations

Keep the lamp away from water and damp areas to avoid electrical hazards.

Do not place the lamp near flammable materials or in areas where it might be easily tipped over.

Avoid looking directly at the bulb to prevent eye strain.


Ensure the lamp is unplugged before cleaning.

Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the lamp's exterior. Do not use abrasive cleaners or immerse any part of the lamp in water.

Bulb Replacement

Allow the lamp to cool before replacing the bulb.

Use only compatible LED bulbs with appropriate wattage.

User Responsibility and Liability Disclaimer

User Responsibility: The user is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the CarveCorner lamp. The user must ensure the safe and appropriate use of the lamp. Any damages or injuries resulting from misuse or failure to follow these instructions are the sole responsibility of the user.

Liability Disclaimer: The manufacturer and seller assume no liability for any damage or injury resulting from improper use or failure to follow the operating instructions provided. The user is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of the lamp.

Warranty and Customer Support

Warranty: No warranty provided.

Customer Support: For further assistance or inquiries, please contact: